Wednesday, 25 November 2015


A selection of our hand embroidered Christmas tree decorations displayed at St George's Church, Heaviley Stockport.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Maria Walker From Rags to Riches

Maria gave us a very entertaining account of the history of her textile art practice from the early days of City and Guilds through to her finishing a MA at Chester.

Her chance discovery of a bundle of letter from the 1930s led her to develop a body of work called the Lightfoot Letters on which she collaborated with a poet whose family life was chronicled in these letters. This exhibition is now on tour and currently at Salford Art Gallery. Well worth a visit. 

Maria bought a full range of samples of her work and was more than happy for us to handle them.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

AGM news

Our AGM this month was full of national, regional and branch news.

It was followed by a talk from Ann Ford entitled 'Cutting Edge'. Ann was fascinated by the wooden edging to the roofs of small local railway stations in Cornwall. She sketched them and at a later date used them as design elements for her work.

But the exciting news is that we voted in favour of changing our day to day name to 'Silk Town Stitchers'. This came about after our successful day standing at the local monthly market in Macclesfield in July as part of National stitch Day and the comments from visitors to our stall.  It is a more inclusive name and should dispel any elitist notion that the word Guild implies.

Here we are in the height of summer !!! Left to right, Margaret, Maggie, Ann, Jackie and Ann.

Despite the rather wet weather we stoically sat and stitches even though our fingers were like ice.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Folio Study Day

Here are two of the interesting pieces of embroidery from the Guilds vast collection. In March we had the opportunity to study these wide ranging examples in detail taking photos and making sketches so that we can interpret the designs, colours or shapes in our own style. These will then  be part of the June meeting when they will be on show to all members and a vote will be made.

 In May we had a study day when members came and worked on their designs along with any on going work they were involved in.

There was a wide range of work going on and a far amount of chat as well!!!!