Friday, 18 October 2013

October Guest - Liz Almond - Whitework

On the 17th October we were delighted to welcome back Liz Almond to our group. This time Liz was to share her passion for Whitework instead of Blackwork.
She was ably assisted by her husband who was model, display assistant and shop keeper.

Liz entertained us, amazed us with her skill and educated us as to short cuts and the use of 'modern' alternatives that she employs in her work.

The first two images show the centres of small quilts that Liz has made using a limited amount of colour. She regularly uses crochet cotton for this backstitch work in her quilting.

This knotted stitch or 'Liz's stitch' is a variant of Palestrina stitch which gives a raised relief to your work.

The lid of this box utilises simple straight stitch cleverly worked with beads to produce a floral effect.

The sales table where Liz had on sale fabrics, threads and kits which members eagerly bought.

Liz is a big advocate of placing monograms in the centre of fabric and cloth to personalise items. She regularly bids on old linen on eBay to which she firstly washes in the washing machine with Bold and then embroiderers additional motifs. She admitted that one of the best fabrics she  uses is Marks and Spencer's polycotton. She buys sheets and cuts them up. We were also let into her methods of fabric marking and ways of tackling issues such as project management and she gave me some personal advice on ways of dealing with arthritis and embroidery.
Liz's website is full of free patterns, tips and advice and well worth a visit.
Pinterest is also a site that Liz recommended.  It is an internet site that allows you to 'pin' any image you find on the internet to your own 'pinboard', allowing you to save images in one place. You can also see what other people are saving and 'follow' them if you choose. Useful if you have the same interests. I warn you now that it can become very addictive.
The next meeting will include a craft table for members to bring along and sell their goods. In good time for Christmas. Let Catherine Leighton know in advance what you intend bringing, label and price up your goods.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Louise Gardiner

Following our meeting yesterday and the discussion about Louise Gardiner and her involvement in the joint challenge by Kettle Chips and Kirstie Allsopp I am posting a link to the Youtube video showing Lou creating her Kettle Chips piece

Click here to see the video

Louise website is also worth a visit

This is the link to the Kettle Chips website for those interested in entering.

Happy Stitching


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Vivienne Brown - Following a Tradition

On the 21st February members greeted Vivienne Brown and were treated to an hour of interesting facts and visual artistry.
She started by informing us that she had been giving talks to Embroidery Guild branches for 30 years now, and that she only came to the world of embroidery in her 40s. Originally a Science teacher she admits that she likes to analyse her work but had hoped that embroidery would allow her to 'loosen up'.
Vivienne enlightened us as to the origins of free machine embroidery with the advent of the sewing machine as far back as the beginning of the twentieth century when the likes of Rebecca Crompton were experimenting with artistic ways of using the straight stitch treadle machine.
She shared with us her journey through the use of machine embroidery, the contemporary utilisation of old pattern transfers of crinoline ladies and the innovative use of machine embroidery on paper.

Members were genuinely impressed and Vivienne told us of her prestigious exhibition at the Bankfield Museum, Halifax. 9th March until the 6th May 2013 where her botanical ilustrations will be alongside her textile pieces.

Members were reminded by Catherine , the Chair, of the 'tie challenge' and encouraged to think of innovative ways of utilising old ties ready for the next meeting on the 21st March.