Wednesday, 19 March 2008

VARIATIONS - Exhibition at Silk museum, Macclesfield

Everyone is invited to view our latest exhibiton, details below..........

These two photos show one of the exhibits, 'Patchwork of Life' by Margaret Steeden.

The concept of patchwork of life is reflected in the half empty/half full sections, the emptiness & gaps in one's life, the isolated squares, the purity of new life and the richness and closeness of family and friends. The green squares represent the green grass that tempts us but is no where as rich and full filling as life. Tonal change reflects the wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained throughout life.

This closeup shows the detail of the hand embroidery employed throughout the piece.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Recycling Workshop with Jen Holmes

Better late than never................. Our November Workshop was on Recycling with Jen Holmes

She designed the workshop to encourage us to be experimental in the use of recycled materials within our embroidery. Her staring point was that embroiderers' like to collect and work with found materials and create a piece of art.
We were asked to take 3 categories of materials : papers, plastics and found objects (natural, metals,plastics and packaging).
The session was very enjoyable an she managed to get us to think more three dimensionally and create free standing pieces.

Jen Holmes is part of TELA and has exhibited in Tameside and at Farfield Mill near Sedburgh
and also part of

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Ann's Monsters

Ann Holmes made these little darlings for her grandchildren for Christmas. The largest 4 were for the grandsons and the mini one for her granddaughter, it has fancy pink clothes and sparkly hair. Ann got the idea after seeing similiar monsters in a magazine advert. The shiny black fabric was a find on the sales table one Thursday and after working out the pattern needed Ann used both sewing machine and hand stitching to complete the finished items. The fun bit came with the decorating with a variety of beads, braids, sequins and glittery materials. Ann says it was worth all the hard work and aching fingers just to see their faces when they unwrapped them. Well done Ann very inventive!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Picasa