Wednesday, 19 March 2008

VARIATIONS - Exhibition at Silk museum, Macclesfield

Everyone is invited to view our latest exhibiton, details below..........

These two photos show one of the exhibits, 'Patchwork of Life' by Margaret Steeden.

The concept of patchwork of life is reflected in the half empty/half full sections, the emptiness & gaps in one's life, the isolated squares, the purity of new life and the richness and closeness of family and friends. The green squares represent the green grass that tempts us but is no where as rich and full filling as life. Tonal change reflects the wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained throughout life.

This closeup shows the detail of the hand embroidery employed throughout the piece.

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Julie said...

What beautiful embroidery. And I love the concept too! I forgot to say to Margaret (email)that reading Barbara Cheeseman's blog and her free approach to stitching got me started on embroidery.