Friday, 20 February 2009

February Meeting

Woven Textures

Weaver Stacey Harvey-Brown brought her ‘Textural Canvas’ to our February meeting. Heaping samples of wool, silk, cotton and synthetic weavings onto her demonstration table, she enthusiastically talked us through her experiments.

Texture and surface pattern are created using special weaving techniques, the natural properties of yarns, plus the services of a washing machine and tumble dryer or in other words differential shrinkage! Stacey then dyes and paints some of her fabrics to create stunning landscape pictures and seascapes. On her website ( she explains that she combines multi-shaft or jacquard weaving, wrapping, dyeing, painting and surface embellishments.

The rich colours and textures of the fabrics are amazing.

Stacey uses the natural colours and textures of yarns as well as dyes to achieve stunning effects.

As soon as Stacey finished speaking, members crowded round to touch and feel the fabric samples.

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