Monday, 13 July 2009


Margo's talk on talk and slides on the use of embroidery throughout history led her into an interesting account of her work within the field of textiles. For many years she has been in education where she has encouraged her students to push the boundaries of textiles. Her role in the Textile Society has in the past meant she has had the huge role of orgnaising the Antique Fair in Manchester and for anyone who has attended this event will know what a feat that must have been.

This velvet scarf has been wrapped aound a pole before dyeing resulting in this distinctive design. This Arashi technique is common in Japan.

Margo has been involved in two published books, with Mary Syrou on 'Textile Arts - Multicultural Traditions' and more recently as sole author on 'Silk and Velvet'. It was this area that she expanded on during the latter part of her talk.

This is a sample of foiled velvet, a technique that Margo favours in her work.

Printed and stamped velvet that has been made into a bag.

Again foiled velvet that has been made into a handbag which has been machine embroidered over the top.

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