Sunday, 24 February 2013

Vivienne Brown - Following a Tradition

On the 21st February members greeted Vivienne Brown and were treated to an hour of interesting facts and visual artistry.
She started by informing us that she had been giving talks to Embroidery Guild branches for 30 years now, and that she only came to the world of embroidery in her 40s. Originally a Science teacher she admits that she likes to analyse her work but had hoped that embroidery would allow her to 'loosen up'.
Vivienne enlightened us as to the origins of free machine embroidery with the advent of the sewing machine as far back as the beginning of the twentieth century when the likes of Rebecca Crompton were experimenting with artistic ways of using the straight stitch treadle machine.
She shared with us her journey through the use of machine embroidery, the contemporary utilisation of old pattern transfers of crinoline ladies and the innovative use of machine embroidery on paper.

Members were genuinely impressed and Vivienne told us of her prestigious exhibition at the Bankfield Museum, Halifax. 9th March until the 6th May 2013 where her botanical ilustrations will be alongside her textile pieces.

Members were reminded by Catherine , the Chair, of the 'tie challenge' and encouraged to think of innovative ways of utilising old ties ready for the next meeting on the 21st March.

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