Saturday, 25 October 2014

OCTOBER 2014 Lorna Knight

What a delight this re scheduled talk turned out to be. Dorothy our programme secretary pulled out all the stops with only a week to find a new speaker after the speaker for October had to pull out at the last minute. 
Lorna enthralled us with her life journey within the textile world from a degree followed by teaching in a middle school to working for Terry Fox and finally taking the big step to opening her Sewing Academy. 

She shared some of the secrets of the haute couture world and with a full range of examples gave us tips galore on how to improve our sewing results so that home made doesn't look home made.

Lorna also teaches a full range of workshops at Bambers Eccles

This is the tweed jacket that Lorna was whisked over to the States to make a video for Craftsy, the online workshop website.  It was extremely light as it only had two layers. The tweed right side and the silk lining, these were then quilted together. 

Lorna brought along some of the books that she has had published and she explained the process involved in getting a book published from the initial concept to the final layout. 

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massofhair said...

Lorna is indeed an inspiration, would have loved to listen to her talk, sounds fun and informative.