Thursday, 21 June 2007



This month we were treated to a very inspiring talk by Greta Fitchett who warned us all at the beginning that we would be wearing sun glasses by the end of the hour - and she wasn't joking. Her work, mainly quilts were vibrant and most definately colourful!

This scaled model of a dress was mainly FME with wire to support the structure.

Greta has a fixation with Cockerels and amused us with her tales of how she sits in graveyards around the country with binoculars and sketch book taking note of all the different shapes. No two are the same she assured us. She did all the dyeing of the fabric for this quilt.

Greta's inspiration for this large quilt was Venice and in particular the shapes of Murano glass and beads.

Too much colour!

The base quilt was made from actual photographs of Great's patio flowers.
The small two cushions on top have flowers in relief.

These two wall hanging were inspired by rugs that Greta has seen on her travels to Istanbul and Morocco.
If you want to see more of Greta's work go to her website

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