Friday, 20 July 2007


Margaret Waring has been busy!!!!!!!!

She sent me this set of photos with a few words of explanation.

My Granddaughters have their birthdays within three months of each other, Becky in June, Hannah in July and Courtenay in August. The bags are all very simple in shape, measuring about 18cm x 12cm.

Becky's is made from a pink silk scarf (from Smarts in Bollington) and embellished with french knots and beads, it fastens with a Dorset knob button because I am practising button making for a workshop in the Autumn at Macclesfield Museum.

Hannah's is made of silk from the Museum's shop and decorated with lines of beadwork using oddments from my cache.

Courtenay's is made entirely from recycled material from the 2 Charity shops in Poynton. The beautiful Indian embroidery was on a size 10 basque (£1) and the back from a black pelmet skirt, even the cord and silver thread were second hand.

By tradition all three got a little money slipped inside plus a favourite sweet - an Uncle Joe's mint ball!

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Kay said...

Hi Margaret
Greetings from pearl Beach NSW Australia! I came across these bags of yours while trawling the internet unsuccessfully trying to find pictures or information on Macclesfield silk buttons, which I would like to try my hand at making. Wehave a littlecraft group in our village of pearl Beach NSW Australia. Unfortunately I can't make your class in Macclesfield! Maybe next year? I loved the bags you made from recycled fabrics: So often we come across beautiful fragments of work now no longer functional: These bags have excited me at the prospect of reusing such treasures in new and functional ways. Thank you! Kay