Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Jackie Cardy Workshop

On Thursday 27th March 2008 Jackie Cardy held a workshop at St John's. She showed us her take on a six panelled silk evening bag. Here is Jackie working on one of the panels with a selection of her bags at the front.

There was a great array of bright colourful silks chosen and after a morning of pattern cutting and constructing we were able to decorate the panels with free machine embroidery, beads or applique,

Here is Jackie helping Margaret with her cord, we all made at least one cord using a variety of thread to coordinate with our silks. The cord would be sufficient for a fastening and tassel.

Some of the days results above, still plenty to do at home! Close up detail of panels and cords.

This is Betty's bag, she raced ahead and managed to almost complete it. The reason it is upsidedown is that we all thought it looked like a whale and it was the only way to get it to stand up for a photo.

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