Thursday, 1 May 2008

March/April update

Our first exhibition this year of members’ new work attracted a steady flow of visitors and may have earned us at least one new member. Here are Margaret and Hilary arranging the exhibits.

The second exhibition opens on Saturday 7 June and continues until Thursday 26 June at the Park Lane Galleries, The Silk Museum.

Hilary Fish wrote this about her exhibit for the June exhibition.

"Spurred on by the deadlines for the exhibitions of members’ new work, I completed the contemporary whitework sampler begun last November at Alston Hall. My two-and-a-half-day course there was a 60th birthday present from husband Graham. From my first experience of a residential embroidery course, I came away exhausted but delighted with the amount learned and the encouragement received. Tracy Franklin was our tutor and I sincerely recommend her relaxed but professional style of teaching. With widely varying levels of skill, each student worked at her own pace. Tracy ensured everyone received personal tuition as well as giving group demonstrations and everyone had practised each aspect of the sampler before going home. "

April 17 meeting
Speakers Joan and Alan Wilkinson had so much to show and tell at the April 17 meeting that they had to be stopped in full flow. Embroideries, textiles, pots, maps, slides and stories held the audience fascinated – but everything stops for tea!

Joan was born in Calcutta and went to school in Darjeeling. She studied weaving as her main subject at Craft College and chose “Aspects of Indian Textiles” as her thesis topic.

Much later, in retirement, she and Alan returned to India and travelled extensively. Wherever they went, they not only bought textiles and pottery but also visited factories and workshops and talked to people working there.

Joan explained that they visited three main areas associated with embroidery – Bangladesh; Kashmir; Rajasthan and Gujarat. Her advice to anyone wanting to do the same is to have patience. She and Alan always go for five or six weeks, as it takes several days to discover each place of interest and then to find transport, tickets and guides – but it is worth it!

Silk Bags

A selection of the silk evening bags made by members at the Jackie Cardy Workshop. Clockwise from top left, the bags were made by Anne Williams (purple), Ann Holmes (pink), Rita Russell (cerise and purple), Betty Taylor (maroon and cream), Carole Biggs (orange) and Hazel Weselby (turquoise). Betty started again from scratch when she got home as she was not satisfied with her first attempt!


Barbara Cheeseman said...

Well done everybody! Interesting to read what Hilary has written about her whitework - it is a lovely sampler. And those small bags - beautiful. Nice bright colours.

Jackie said...

Hey!!! Those are wonderful. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Its not often I get to see the finished product.
Jackie Cardy